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Who is Counseling For?

Counseling is for progressive people who treat their body and mind as ONE. It is for those who wish to overcome a temporary tough phase and for those who want to unleash their potential in personal and professional life. We often choose to suffer in silence when we could in fact discover abundance and growth. Betterlyf was founded with a vision to foster a happier and healthier world. Over half a million individuals from various age groups, genders, countries, diverse cultures and unique challenges have proved that counseling is NOT just for some, but for ALL of us, just like fitness is.

Let's Understand

What Improves with Therapy?

Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Work Stress
Self Help

Even The Most Successful, Struggle

Therapy = Therapist

Your therapy experience depends a lot on your therapist’s approach, skills, empathy and compassion. We are committed and serious about your well being and hence handpick passionate and thorough professionals and put them through a rigorous training on BetterLYF’s therapy approach to bring you the most fulfilling experience, always.


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All of our Counsellors hold a Masters Degree in Psychology and undergo over 400+ hours of rigorous training and supervision. With expertise in various psychotherapeutic techniques, they have assisted 300K+ clients to deal with the toughest life challenges and thrive in personal and professional space.

So far, our Therapists have helped discerning people like you heal from break-ups, save their marriage, overcome fears, work stress, manage stress, anxiety and depression with scientifically proven mental health tools and interactive exercises. We’re already more than 500,000 healing conversations old!

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*Each session is 20 minutes

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We’re Proud of YOU...

Seeking Help is a Sign of Weakness STRENGTH. It takes courage to reach out. It takes strength to ‘take action’ towards fulfilling your dream of a better life. Congratulations on choosing your future over your past. We’re happy to be your support-system on your journey of self-actualization and growth.

BetterLYF is the easy-to-use safe-space that gives you the confidential support of a qualified and experienced therapist when you need it!

Little-by-little, your confidence begins to soar, your relationships start to feel good, your work-life is balanced and your mental health begins to flourish. It’s easy to use because you can text, call, video-call, or email your therapist from the comfort of your home. We’re your support-system, after all!

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How Counseling Helps

Counseling is a safe space where you can share difficult feelings, emotions and challenges with a professional counselor in a confidential manner. Counseling will help you vent, reflect, learn life skills and build resilience. You can Improve Relationships, Build Confidence, Overcome Peer Pressure, Cope with Stress, Beat Anxiety & Outgrow Depression. It will EMPOWER you with skillsets to become a better version of self. A counselor will encourage you to share your emotions, analyze your feelings and make sense of the thoughts that trigger them. They will listen to you intently and help you excel personally and professionally. With guidance and practical tools, you will feel happier, stronger and grow, at every step.


Relationship Therapy

Are you looking to heal a troubled relationship? Therapy can help. When it's difficult to move on from a breakup, it helps you deal with loss and build hope. When trust starts to shake, when communication becomes toxic and difficult, or when you lose the spark, a counsellor can help vent out, reflect, and learn skills to rekindle the relationship.



Build Self Esteem And Confidence

Not able to speak up to your mind? Do you feel judged or evaluated by others and it holds you back often? Counseling helps you build confidence and assertiveness by addressing your fears and using therapeutic techniques to enhance your self worth. You’d be surprised by your true potential.

Couple Counseling

Love isn’t enough sometimes. It can get difficult to manage a relationship with challenging work deadlines, evolving or unexpressed needs and circumstances beyond control. Couple therapy will help you reinvent yourself and revive your relationship into a resilient one and help decide what’s best for you and your partner.



Cope With Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Some events in our life may leave us distressed, hurt or alone. And at times nothing can explain our difficult feelings and negative thoughts. Counseling helps you identify triggers and negative thought patterns and offer techniques to cope with them. Find out what all a counselor can help with here


Enhance Confidence & Motivation

We all tackle self-doubts and fear of failure from time to time, be it in our careers, relationship, facing new life challenges. The good news is confidence is a skill that can be built at any stage in life. Our Therapists will help you to tame your inner critic and break patterns of self-defeating thoughts and limiting beliefs.



Fulfilling Relationships

Our life revolves around people and how we relate to them such as a significant other, family, friends and colleagues. Strong and fulfilling relationships make us feel secure, confident and contribute to long lasting happiness. Identify what works and what can be better in the way you connect with others. Therapy can help you build meaningful relationships that last.

Thrive At Work

Do you struggle with reaching your highest potential in your career? Are you achieving the goals that you have set for yourself professionally? Do you have a work-life balance? We are here to help you unlock your potential in your professional life and embrace a new you before you decide to quit your job or change your field.